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Norwegian Forest Cats

Welcome to the home of VonnTitch NFC’s…

Vonntitch Pretty Precilla and G.C Escorialav jostedalsbreen are proud parents to 3 beautiful babies; 2 girls 1 boy. Born 2nd march 2018

The Norwegian Forest Cat's eyes are one of its prettiest features, they positively glow. They are large and expressive and almond shaped. Without a doubt, the expression of the NFC is the most striking and distinctive amongst the pedigree cats.

Thank you for visiting Vonntitch Norwegian Forest cats, my name is Yvonne and together with my husband Mark we became seduced by the mystical breed of the Norwegian Forest cat.

We live in the Garden of England Kent with our children, our gorgeous Norwegian Forest Cats and our very chatty Parrot “Charlie”.

The health and happiness of our cats is very important to us , our cats live in

the house with us and have access to outside runs where they are able to climb

up high tree logs and have fun with each other or mostly laze about in the sun.

We got our first Norwegian a couple of years ago , after searching around for the right boy we found Vidar our neuter, We couldn’t wait to bring him home, he is a loveable big boy who makes us laugh every day. We have been showing our cats since we got Vidar and we enjoy every minute of it, have had great success and have made some great friends with other breeders who have given us support when we first decided to start breeding.

Our aim is breed large healthy well socialised Norwegian kittens, that are true to type and have wonderful temperaments. Norwegian forest cats are a big strong breed with fantastic personalities, that will capture your heart and make every day special.

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Our Queens

If i had to describe the Norwegian Forest Cat in one sentence, it would be that they are "enchanting and captivating and make wonderful companions, they will easily become your best friend if you let them.”

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NFC’s are also addictive, and those of us who own NFCs subscribe to the philosophy of "bet you can't have just one.”

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read more read more “What greater gift than the love of a cat” - Charles Dickens 2018

If you would like to register your interest in any of our future litters of kittens please do not hesitate to get in touch on 01634 314046 or email Yvonne - vonntitch@gmail.com


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